The organic jams and organic vegetables tapenades

The organic jams and organic vegetables tapenades are among the most traditional organic products as they are the result of the best combination of old recipes and new technical know-how.

The advantage of the organic processed fruits and vegetables is the direct link between the authentic natural flavour with a clean and rural environment. Another current trend in processing organic high quality fruits and vegetables is the combination of sweet and sour flavours. It guides the consumers along a natural sensorial experience able to surprise in combinations and suggestions.

The organic jams and tapenades success lies among all on a combination of culinary research, new flavours, natural tastes and respect for the rural environment all of this combined with the most natural preservatives and no added colour or tastes.

Another important added value of organic jams and tapenades is also the comeback of old recipes, and even sometimes, the utilization of rare fruit or vegetables species. These aspects are very attractive for consumers.